OmniPayments highly visible as Platinum Sponsor for N2TUG, Dallas

Taking the much sought after Platinum Sponsor’s role at the recent N2TUG event held in Dallas, OmniPayments’ VP, Jessica Nieves, was given the opportunity to give the first presentation following the keynote session by HPE. In this particular HPE keynote session the community was introduced to newly elevated HPE Worldwide Head of Sales, Blockchain, Jeff Skinner. Jeff is well known to the NonStop community having headed sales in the Americas for HPE’s Mission Critical Systems. Joining Jeff for the keynote presentation was R3 Director Cristina Buendia and together, Jeff and Cristina, provided the community with an update on HPE’s move into Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology (MCDLT) with its deep port of R3 Corda to NonStop. 

The big advantage from following the HPE keynote session was that OmniPayments’ Jessica was able to nicely segue into the work now being done in support of MCDLT on NonStop with a fresh message on just how important Blockchain was going to be for OmniPayments. Having already made its move into Clouds and Software as a Service (SaaS) with its OmniCloudX offering, it was only logical for OmniPayments to embrace Blockchain as it will further enhance the options available to OmniPayments customers and prospects.  On the other hand, while some members of the HPE community may have been surprised with the choice of NonStop to support MCDLT, for NonStop users it is proving to be a no-brainer as availability and scalability are important aspects for any Blockchain implementation.
As for why OmniPayments is using MCDLT on NonStop, it turns out that its initial offering will focus on the growing problem among financial institutions when it comes to “Knowing Your Customer.” KYC, as it is better known together with Anti Money Laundering (AML) are being targeted by OmniPayments in its initial feature option simply because there is an existing customer with a need that can be best served with this OmniPayments feature. Look for more news about this in upcoming posts as more details become available. However, it’s a safe bet to make that with the completion of the development of these new features of OmniPayments, the company will be the first NonStop vendor to bring product to market for NonStop. 

It is at user events like N2TUG where the NonStop community first hears about major changes taking place with NonStop and perhaps the best message of all coming from the early speakers at N2TUG that talked about Blockchain is that NonStop continues to be the subject of major investments in the platform by HPE. And for that, every stakeholder in the future of NonStop is thrilled. 

There will now be further NonStop user group events held over the summer up and down the Americas – the next event for Latin American users is about to get under way in Chile with another in Mexico City, June 21. OmniPayments will be prominent at both of these events so if you have questions about OmniPayments’ work with Blockchain, don’t hesitate asking any of the OmniPayments staff you come across. And of course, look out for Jessica as she will know the full story and will be only too happy to discuss OmniPayments and all its features with you – all you have to do is, well, ask!